Why the Blue Tie has Always been Popular with Men

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Did you know that a silk navy blue tie has been considered a classic for decades?  A dark blue tie with stripes, solid or designed with polka dots will always make a fashionable impression and will be easy to match.

But, why is it popular among men? Let’s look at the effects of the blue color on people including women. Most men and women used to pick their favorite color as blue.  How many slam books have you read where people place ‘blue’ under the question, ‘What is your favorite color’?  Well, blue has a calming and soothing effect on people, just like green is soothing to the eyes.  Studies have shown that blue provides focus and productivity among people.

Wearing a blue tie is fairly common and you can say it’s relatively ordinary, but it has always been a classic choice. It is a color that is least likely to offend the eyes, perspective and even egos of anyone. Conservative people like to wear darker shades of blue ties while a light blue tie is considered perfect for warm weather perhaps because it soothes and provides a relaxing effect.

There are over 16 million colors included in a spectrum, which is more than we have probably imagined. There are around 30 shades of blue utilized in men’s fashion that are further divided into four categories including – classic blue, dark blue, grayish silver blue and light blue neckties.

Blue is one of the primary colors along with yellow and red.  When primary colors are combined, they form secondary colors.  Simply put, they are the most basic foundation of all other colors.  A blue tie presents a calm and conservative aura, which has been considered as the traditional masculine color.  If your personality is subdued but with a hint of authority, blue would best describe you.  Unlike red, which is oozing with confidence and loud presence, blue is relatively its contrast.

Red, in its grandeur, doesn’t like to be overpowered and so blue has remained the neutralizing color but nonetheless dominant on its own.  The same is true with neckties.  A person wearing blue ties would naturally be perceived as a person with a deep and calm personality, while a person wearing red ties would be considered as confident, loud and very authoritative.

Perhaps the most wonderful thing about blue neckties is that they match well with basic suit colors – grey, brown and black.  Recently, light blue has become increasingly trendy and places men on the cutting edge of the fashion industry.  It matches pretty well with any suit or shirt.  Just like any other tie, there are three major things that you need to consider when matching your tie, namely color, pattern and the fabric.

This year, blue has once again captured the fashion world as it is considered one of the classic choices for men’s neckties.  Darker shades of blue, like midnight and sapphire blues, are perfect for any season.

You might think that blue ties are utterly common, but it is the way that you wear that piece of blue, luxurious fabric that will make all the difference.  Blue has always been popular among men for various reasons and among those reasons, the simplest explanation would be because it is safe to match it with other colors, and it emanates an air of subtle sophistication that only men who feel that they have nothing to brag about would definitely benefit by wearing a blue necktie.

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